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Solar Thermal Energy
By Rowan and Jo…read more

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What is Solar Thermal energy ?
· Solar Thermal Energy is a way of harnessing
energy to produce heat (thermal energy)
· Solar thermal collectors are defined as low-,
medium-, or high-temperature collectors.
· High temperature collectors concentrate sunlight
using mirrors or lenses and are generally used
for electric power production…read more

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Solar Thermal Power Stations
· In sunny regions with large areas of empty land,
mirrors can be placed to focus the suns energy
into pipes of water- which produces steam to
drive turbines and power generators…read more

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Possible Locations
· Solar Thermal Energy is currently in use in areas
of the Mojave desert, California and Nevada,
· This is not a practical solution for generating
electricity in the UK but the suns Thermal energy
can be captured through roof mounted solar
panel to produce domestic heating
· It is possible to build a power station anywhere it
is sunny…read more

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Typical power output and economic cost
· The output capacity was 600 megawatts of solar
thermal power (October 2009)
· The current price for solar thermal energy in the
USA is estimated at £0.06/kWh- cost of
generating a unit of electricity…read more

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Environmental Cost
· This process does not release Carbon Dioxide
and uses the free energy available from the sun,
but the need for a supporting boiler requires gas
or electricity would cause the release of carbon
· It will typically cost a person between $100,000
and $200,000 to convert their house into an
energy independent house
· There is no decommissioning cost…read more

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