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Solar energy…read more

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How does solar energy work
Solar energy is one of the most readily
available sources, nobody owns it and
there is plenty of it.
It has been used since ancient times where
people used a magnifying glass to catch
the sunlight and start a fire.
There are two rays it which we can harness
the suns energy:…read more

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This is an example of a
photovoltaic solar panel…read more

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Creating solar energy
Option 1
Solar thermal- also known as solar water
heating. Solar panel are used to trap heat
from the sun and this is then used to warm
the water in the solar panel. The panels
are positioned to maximise the absorption
of heat though out the day.…read more

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Option 2
Photovoltaic cells- this method converts the
sun energy into electricity. They use
photovoltaic cells which absorb the suns
light. When the sunlight enters the cell,
causes electrons to move, which it known
as a current, this is electricity.
However the energy absorbed from a single
cell is very small meaning you need a lot
of panels for it to be worth while.…read more

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Advantages of solar
1. No pollution, clean reliable energy
source. Solar energy does not need to
use transport to move it about.
2. Long lasting solar cells, they make no
noise and require little maintenance,
making them cheaper.
3. It will produce solar energy as long as
the sun lasts, which is much longer
than any fossil fuels will last.
4. Easy installation, easy to install with no
wires, cords or power supply's. Unlike
wind power with require drilling.…read more

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Mr A Gibson


Very detailed coverage of solar energy and use of good examples e.g. Egypt. Finishes off with a small quiz too.

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