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Operating System (OS): Controls the way the user controls and accesses
software controls access of input/output peripherals,
storage devices and memory space.
Manages priorities for tasks
Allocates time slots for tasks
Manages system security
Handles input/output

When an application is opened, the necessary parts are loaded into RAM by…

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Command Line Interface: Commands typed directly into the computer ­ rarely used
in everyday life
Can be much faster than other interfaces if commands are known
Much less RAM needed than others
Less CPU time needed than others
Does not require Windows

Confusing if commands aren't known

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Software Type Advantages Disadvantages
Higher performance
Easier to use ­ no Dependent on developer
unnecessary features staying in business
Custom written software Better support from Higher risk of unreliable
developers software
Gaining advantage over Higher investment needed
Could contain
unnecessary features
Relatively cheap
Long time to learn how to…


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