These are notes made by my ICT teacher. GOD BLESS HER! i hope these help

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Software exam questions
Name you SHOULD use in exam Type we have in school, but don't use this name
in exam
Presentation software Powerpoint
Word processing software Word
Desktop Publishing software or DTP Publisher
Spreadsheet software Excel
Database software Access
Search engine Google
Web browser Internet Explorer, Firefox
There will be questions on the 2 exams about application software. Remember, DON'T use brand names but DO
keep in mind the software you usually use when you are answering the question because it will help you to think of
your answers. You are ALL excellent users of application software so should be able to answer these questions well.
Here are some examples of past exam questions:
1) A computer user enters data into a database. The user has to enter a four-figure serial number e.g. 1234.
a) Give one method used to verify the serial number. [1]
b) Why is the data verified? [1]
c) Give two methods that could be used to validate the serial number. [2]
d) Why is the data validated? [1]
2) A designer is using a graphics package to create a diagram. The `Resize' feature can be used to change the size
of the image. Describe what these four other features do:
a) Flip
b) Crop
c) Fill
d) Layer
3) A writer has used a word processor to change the draft version of an article.
Identify four ways that the format of the draft article has been clearly altered. [4]
4) A travel company is producing a page of a brochure that is illustrated. Explain when each of the following is the
most suitable method of obtaining the information. [4]
a) Scanner
b) Digital camera
c) Clipart
d) Painting package
5) A member of a company is to use a multimedia presentation to illustrate a talk being given to the company
directors. Explain what features of presentation software could improve the presentation. [4]
6) A picture is scanned into a computer.
a) Give three features of scanning software. [3]
b) What software tools have been used to change
Picture A into Picture B? [2]

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Give one reason why it may be wrong to scan an image from a school library book.…read more

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Describe how Peter made this chart from his spreadsheet of results [3]
13) A school keeps a database of the names & addresses of its pupils.…read more

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In 1935 the school football team won the Inter School Trophy. She has a photograph of the team & another of
the trophy. Describe how she could use photo-editing software to produce a new picture containing the two
original photographs. [4]
15) A car sales showroom keeps a database of its stock. Here is part of the database table:
Car stock code Colour Type of car Year of manufacture Price Sold
AC7E4 Blue Estate 1998 £4,000.00 Yes
AC7E5 Red Saloon 1997 £3,599.…read more


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