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Software exam questions
Name you SHOULD use in exam Type we have in school, but don't use this name
in exam
Presentation software Powerpoint
Word processing software Word
Desktop Publishing software or DTP Publisher
Spreadsheet software Excel
Database software Access
Search engine Google
Web browser Internet Explorer, Firefox
There will…

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c) Give one reason why it may be wrong to scan an image from a school library book. [1]
7) A paint shop owner uses a spreadsheet to keep a record of paint sold over one year:
1 Paint sold in one
year (2003)
2 Month Tins…

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c) Describe how Peter made this chart from his spreadsheet of results [3]
13) A school keeps a database of the names & addresses of its pupils. The table below shows part of this database:
Contact Stay for
Date of Pupil ID
Forename Surname Telephone Gender Address School
Birth Number…

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b) In 1935 the school football team won the Inter School Trophy. She has a photograph of the team & another of
the trophy. Describe how she could use photo-editing software to produce a new picture containing the two
original photographs. [4]
15) A car sales showroom keeps a database…


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