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AS AQA Sociology Childhood Key Terms
C.H. is seen as a social construct this means that it is a process that society has
created or defined and therefore it can vary over and time and in different
1. Age patriarchy>> this is a term used by Gittins to describe inequalities
between children and adults.
2. Child liberalisationism>>critics of the march of progress view use this word
to describe how they feel that children should be freed from adult control
and are victims of age patriarchy.
3. Cross cultural differences in C.H.>>this is where sociologists have looked at
and compared C.H. in other cultures, (Benedict) found that children in
simpler non-industrial societies are generally treated differently from their
modern western counter parts by taking responsibility at an early age; less
value on obedience to adult authority and children's sexual behaviour.
4. Disappearance of C.H.>>Postman's view that C.H. is vanishing as he points
out a trend to children having the same rights as adults, traditional
unsupervised games, clothing and even cases of children committing adult
5. Historical differences in C.H.>>Aries states that children in the Middle
Ages were just little adults therefore the idea of C.H. did not exist as soon
as baby had successfully survived being a baby and being dependent and
weaned they entered the big wide world.
6. Industrialisation>>this is seen as one of the social changes that have brought
about the rise in C.H.
7. March of Progress>>these sociologists see that we are living in a child-
centred society; Aries said that today children are valued more and cared
for better than they were before.
8. The globalisation of western C.H.>>this is linked to the child liberalisations
view of society, in addition to this they also state that western notions of
C.H. are being globalised welfare agencies etc. have exported and imposed
on the rest of the world western norms of what C.H. should be.
9. The modern Western notion of C.H. >> It is seen as a separate life stage at
which children form into adults. Children are seen as vulnerable and are
seen as both physically and psychologically immature.
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