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Sociology ­ Pete Emma Rudd BMA
31st October

Sociology ­ Topic 6 Ethnic Identities

Ethnic Identity
Ethnic identity and ethnicity refers to the fact people recognise that they share a
cultural distinctiveness within a group based on:
Common descent ­ This could be represented by colour, race or other

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Sociology ­ Pete Emma Rudd BMA
31st October

Family honour Dress codes
Moral attitudes
Asian Identities

White Identities
Roger Hewitt (1996) studied a group of young white people living in a deprived
working class area of London. He found that they felt that they inhabit an invisible
culture. They…

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Sociology ­ Pete Emma Rudd BMA
31st October

1. Firstly they feel that they do not fit into the dominant mainstream culture,
they feel rejected by it.
2. Secondly they become anxious about how they are perceived by society,
and especially by their black peers. Therefore they seek to position…

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Sociology ­ Pete Emma Rudd BMA
31st October

Black Identities
There is no single Black identity, but Caribbean cultural traditions do still
have an influence.
Religious faith still plays an important role for the first generation but has
declined among their children.
The main identity among Caribbean's is `Black' although…


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