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Pete Emma Rudd BMA
17th October

Sociology ­ Topic 5 National Identities

What is national identity?
National identity ­ Is what someone identifies themselves with it could
be their country, region of origin or to do with their religion.
Nation ­ A population assumed to have a shared identity and…

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Pete Emma Rudd BMA
17th October

The Queens televised Christmas speech.
Bonfire Night

Guibernau and Goldblatt argue that symbols are powerful
indicators of national identity. These might include styles of dress,
uniforms, passports, styles of music, national anthems, and particularly
flags. E.g. The Union Jack is a symbol for…

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Pete Emma Rudd BMA
17th October

Nationalism ­ A movement or doctrine, which stresses the rights to
autonomy and territory of a nation.
Everyday nationalism ­ Nationalism that expresses itself in
attachment to the nation and its citizens.
Inclusive nationalism ­ People in this category that do not draw…


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