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Emma Rudd BMA
19th September

Sociology ­ Topic 4 Gender Identities

Sex and Gender
Biologically determined is the approach that believes gender is based on
nature. The genetic differences between men and women create the differences
in their attitudes.
Socially constructed is the approach that argues that gender is based…

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Emma Rudd BMA
19th September

to present themselves as She said that girls are forced
hard, strong and into this in order to show that
independent, so they soon they are `good' girls rather
learn to hide any signs of than `slag's'. She said they
gentleness, kindness and are taught…

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Emma Rudd BMA
19th September

Gender Socialisation Evaluation
Gender socialisation can be criticised as it tends to ignore peoples
ethnicity, area, class and age which makes a difference, also men and
women's experiences are very different and these also do not tend to be
Gender socialisation tends to encourage…

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Emma Rudd BMA
19th September

Liberal feminists are hopeful to achieve gender equality but radical
feminists are more pessimistic.





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