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Emma Rudd BMA
30th September

Sociology ­ Topic 2 Socialisation

Definitions and Examples
Socialisation ­ The process by which we learn the culture of our

Primary socialisation ­ Intimate and influential socialisation in the early
years of life (usually from parents)

Secondary socialisation ­ Socialisation that occurs later in…

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Emma Rudd BMA
30th September

The hidden curriculum takes place within the school where pupils learn the
expectations and background assumptions that run through the school. It
unintentionally teaches children the importance of hard work, teamwork,
competition and the importance of following the rules.

Skelton's Research
Christine Skelton (2001)…

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Emma Rudd BMA
30th September

Religion has an influence on social attitudes and behaviour. Each religion has a
set of moral values, which over time become a part of society as people are
exposed to them. Religious rituals and ceremonies force social unity. I.e.
marriages, funerals, and baptisms bring…


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