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Age inequality
Researcher(s) Findings
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 2682 managers and personnel professions were
(2005) studied and six in ten respondents (59%) reported
that they were disadvantaged at work because of
their age. 22% of managers said that age has an
impact of recruitment decisions. Over half (63%)…

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unemployment fears by saying British Culture
was under threat from other ethnic minorities.
Jane Elliot "blue eyes, brown eyes" study. Everybody is racist. And we don't need a
colour blind society ­ instead a society that
welcomes every culture and adapts to it.
Miles (1989) Racism is a key factor…

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Muncie and Heidensohn ­ within crime The police operate on a `canteen culture' that
is both racist and sexist. Have inside jokes and
ways of speaking to each other about ethnic
Hood (2002) ­ within crime Black men are 5% more likely than white men
to be given custodial…

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higher expectations of them than for Black
Connolly (1998) ­ within education Found that teachers expected poor behaviour
from black boys and were more likely to
discipline them for what they perceived to be
bad behaviour.
Gillborn and Youdell (2000) ­ within education Argue that teacher racism is a…

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Macguire ­ within crime Confirms this picture of the typical offender as
a male, young, often Black, poor people who are
often uneducated.
Hughes and Langan (2001) ­ within crime Suggest that white-collar crimes are much less
visible, and they are sometimes called
victimless crimes as there may be no…


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