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Studied: Afro-Caribbean boys
Findings: A-C boys made up 32% of
the population yet accounted for
85% of exclusions. Teachers have
negative views of them and
"lumped" them altogether
(stereotyping).…read more

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Studied: young black women
Findings: In general, women were
ambitious and hard working.
They tended to keep their
distance and maintain a cool and
calm relationship with their
teacher.…read more

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Studied: multi-ethnic primary schools
Findings: The children were hard-
working, obedient and conformist.
Boys were often praised for good
work whilst girls tend to be left
alone ­ teachers believer the girls
don't need the help.…read more

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Studied: teachers
Findings: typical boys
misbehaved much more
than girls. Typical girls were
hardworking and, well-
behaved and don't say
much.…read more

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Studied: herself and other
Findings: boys take up 60%+ of
teachers time. Girls are largely
invisible and boys get away with
poking fun at girls in class.…read more

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