Sociology Revision Notes - Feminism and religion - Change

Notes on Feminism, religion and change for AQA Sociology A2

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Sociology Revision Notes ­ Feminism:
Religion as a source of change for women:
o Women Priests:
C of E Debate:
God Revealed religion to men
Just because Jesus Christ was a man does not
mean all church members with authority should be
Males reflect Jesus Christ
Must base Christianity on scripture can't just make
it up ­ All male
Catholic Women:
Many Women believe women should not be priests
As at a lower they can make a bigger difference
than higher up in the church
No Female Disciple
Or did men simply change the bible to show no
women disciples ???
o Charlotte Butler ­ Young Muslim women in Britain:
Majority from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and East Asia
Also originate from; Asia, Turkey, Cypress, Indonesia and
Joly ­ Muslims are eager to control women as they see
the fate of the community lying with women as they will
bear Muslim children and pass on Muslim values as they
raise children.
Muslim women feel constrained by their culture but not
their religion, they find religion liberating


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