Sociology Revision - Marriage

Notes on the Family Unit and Marriage for AQA Sociology AS

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Sociology Revision ­ Marriage:
Decline in marriage:
o Seen as more acceptable to cohabit
o Free choice
o Feminism
o Equal rights
o Advanced contraceptives ­ decline in shotgun weddings
o Expectations of sexual compatibility puts people off marriage
o Coleman and Salt ­ erosion of traditional assumption made
about marriage:
Marriage offers women a secure, settled income and
status based on raising children and keeping house
Marriage lasts for the rest of an increasingly long life
Marriage is the setting for almost all childbearing and
sexual cohabitation
These beliefs are being challenged by:
New ideas
New laws
New economic roles for women
Family planning
Increase in Cohabitation:
o Feminism and women's equal rights
o Morals changed
o Secularisation
Robert Chester ­ Cohabitation is merely a trail marriage


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