Sociology Revision - Feminism

Notes on feminism for the Family Unit for AQA AS Sociology

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Sociology Revision ­ Feminism:
Liberal Feminists:
o Ann Oakley
o Want a ­ gradual change in political, economic and social
o Blame socialisation for women oppression
Marxist Feminists:
o Margaret Benston ­ women provide free domestic labour,
provide next generation of workers, feed and cloth the work
o Fran Ansley ­ Women are cushions for men's oppression,
takers of shit
o Blame capitalism
Radical Feminists:
o Laura Purdy ­ Baby Strike, women are disadvantaged due to
childcare responsibilities, society takes for granted that we can
have babies and the only way to stop this is to stop having
children, then we would be taken seriously
o Germaine Greer ­ Family life is a source of oppression, women
are oppressed as wives, mothers and daughters:
Wives ­ Relationship is clearly unequal
Sexual duties are expected of the women, she must
keep her husband happy even if she does not fancy him
Mothers ­ Mothers bear children in pain, feed them
cherish them and prepare to lose them, society attaches
no value to motherhood, during the pregnancy women's
health takes a back seat and all attention is focused on
the baby, mothers and babies not welcome in adults life.
Daughters ­ men exercise control over women within
the family and believe women should service their needs.
Daughters experience sexual abuse from fathers, step
fathers, and other male relatives.
o Shulasmith Firestone ­ Women are disadvantaged by their own
biology ­ women are dependent on men during and after
childbirth ­ contraceptives have loosened the chains of
women's slavery but have not freed them altogether ­ women
should stop having children in order to be free


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