Sociology Revision - Dark Side Of The Family

Notes on the dark side of the family for AS AQA Sociology

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Sociology Revision ­ Dark Side of the Family:
o Domestic Violence ­ 1 in every 7 men, 1 in 20 repeatedly, 1 in every 4
women, 1 in 8 repeatedly
o Child Neglect
o Child Abuse
o Alcoholism
o Poverty
o Drug Abuse
o Domestic Violence ­ physical, mental, psychological or emotional
abuse and controlling behaviour, 25 % of violent crimes are domestic
o 99% of perpetrators are male
o Male Under reporting:
o Effecting Masculinity
o Female Under reporting:
o Fear
o Emotional abuse goes un-noticed
o Rely on the male for financial support
o Love
o Maybe not recorded by police


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