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·Quantitative data- Generalisable and can code the results
·Prefer scientific methods/research
·Explore cause and effects relationships
·Can be related to social forces shaping people
·Objective and unbiased
·You can replicate them…read more

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· Takes place inside a lab under controlled conditions
· Mainly used in psychology…read more

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· Psychology experiment into conformity and obedience
· Electric shocks given as part of a new `learning programme'
· A significant number of people followed the lead of the lab assistants orders and
`killed' the learner
· Was used to understand how the holocaust was allowed to happen by ordinary
German people
· Sample-40 males between 20-50 years old…read more

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· Actor played the victim who had to answer the questions
· Shocks were given by the participants when incorrect answers were given
· Participants felt conflicted over whether to continue, from the researchers `power'
and the `victims' cries for help
· 65% of participants continued, despite the `victims' pleads for help
· The experiment focused on the darker side of obedience-physical punishment…read more

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· Deception
· Protection from harm (e.g believed they havekilled someone, compared to Nazis,
reults could affect people who were around in WWII)
· Right to withdraw
· Informed consent
· Confidentiality…read more

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