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Documents in Sociology: strengths and weaknesses

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07th November 2011
Research Methods - Documents
Newspaper Diary Letters Photographs
Representativenes Bias may be an Very personal Very personal Very personal
s issue: one account. account. account.
person's opinion
may not match the
rest of the
Validity Bias may be an Valid to individual Valid to Valid to
issue? Often not individual. individuals.
written by who
was actually there.
Ethics Public domain: May be invading May be May be invading
therefore ethically privacy by using in invading privacy by using
sound to use. a study. privacy by in a study.
using in a study.
Cost Cheap: internet, Might be Cheap: e
records. expensive to get
hold of multiple
Access Very easy to get Not many diaries
hold of. are publically
released: hard to
get hold of.
Understanding of Depends on Different Not everyone Not everyone
Meaning article as to meanings can be will interpret will interpret
whether you inferred from something the things the same
interpret same language used on same way. way.
meaning. translation.
Time Scale As far back as Many older
newspaper diaries have since
records go; quite been destroyed
a long time. or lost.
Three types of documents:
Newspaper article
Three things you could use documents to research:
Records of equality in the home
Understanding of everyday life
Trends and changes over time


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