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Sociology Richard
Emma Rudd BMA

Sociology ­ Family Unit ­ The Relationship between Parents and Children
Changing Conceptions of Childhood and The Legal Status of Children

The Period of time that we call childhood is a Social Construction it is shaped and given a
meaning by culture and society. This…

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Sociology Richard
Emma Rudd BMA

powers to children. She argues that children should be socialised into a healthy respect
for parental authority, and that these children's rights have undermined this process.
Secondly she believes that the media and the peer group have become more influential
than parents.

Melanie Phillips also…

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Sociology Richard
Emma Rudd BMA

result of an adult's cruelty, whilst 30000 children are on child protection registers because
they are at risk of abuse from family members. The negative effects of divorce have been
documented in several surveys of teenagers. In conclusion, not all children experience the
family or…


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