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Emma Rudd BMA
26th November

Sociology ­ Family Unit Family Concepts and Definitions

What is the Family?
The majority of the world's population experience a form of family this can involve a wide
variety of options. For example, in the Toda culture in India a woman may be simultaneously

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Emma Rudd BMA
26th November

A household is a unit of accommodation that might contain a number of different social
arrangements some of which might be considered to be families other might not. Families do
live in households but there are also other examples of households. For example some…

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Emma Rudd BMA
26th November

premarital sex, marital sex and extramarital sex. The family also allow individuals
to know the difference between right and wrong backed up by positive and negative
The family also has a number to economic functions. It provides children with
economic support. The family provides…




try to give more definiton to more conceot 

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