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Sociology ­ Richard
Emma Rudd BMA

Sociology ­ Family Unit ­ Dimensions of Diversity:
Organisational, Cultural, Class, Regional, Lifecycle, Cohort and Sexuality

Functionalists argue that the nuclear family is still the most common or has been replaced
by a similar type of reconstituted family structure. Others accept that family life…

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Sociology ­ Richard
Emma Rudd BMA

In 1973 almost all white young people were single and living with their parents until aged 16,
and by 35 the majority were married and had children. By 1996 the majority of young adults
were still staying at home just as long but were…

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Sociology ­ Richard
Emma Rudd BMA

Sexual Diversity
There have been a number of studies of homosexual couples and children. It is generally
found that there is more equality between partners. It is also suggested that same sex
couples work harder at relationships in terms of commitment because they face…


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