Sociology exam examples.

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on here so i'm not too sure what to write here to be honest. 

I have attached an example of an OCR as level Sociology test; which includes 8, 16 and 24 marker questions, which all feature in the unit 1 sociology exam. 

My 8 mark answer scored 6/8 and the feedback given stated that i needed to develop the concept more. However the use of sociologists was effective and correct.

My 16 mark answer scored 16/16. My feedback said that this was a perfect answer with the cottect use of concepts and sociologists, well developed with a clear understanding.

My 24 mark answer scored 20/24. My feedback stated that i hadnt quite developed the concepts enough before listing sociologists. I was told that i made the concepts too brief in order to add more sociologists, where as i should of used less sociologists and made my concepts more detailed. 

I believe that this could help you if you are revising as my responses would have come together and scored an A overall. 

I hope this is okay for everyone, sorry if i have missed anything! Any questions are more than welcome and i hope that this helps people! Thanks:)

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Sociology Test. Tom Melling

Define the concept of Masculinity. Illustrate your answers with examples. [8 marks]

The concept of masculinity is the way that males are categorised into different groups of masculinity.
This could be due to their behaviour, fashion or their views towards multiple different issues. For
example, Bob…

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Outline and briefly evaluate the view that the family helps socialise an individual into their
ethnic identity. [24 marks]

The family play a very important role when it comes to determining a person's ethnic identity. The
way that the family brings up the child and the norms and values that…


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