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Sociology Unit 2 - Education
Education Reform Act (1988)…read more

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Nation Curriculum
There are ten foundation subjects: English,
maths, and science (the core subjects); art,
design and technology, geography, history,
music, physical education, and a foreign
language. Schools must also provide
religious education and, from 1999 lessons
in citizenship
No hardcore learning needed here, think
of your personal school life and what you
were made to take and what you chose to
Some may argue that it is ethnocentric ­
does not teach children all ethic aspects,
for instance, focuses more on Christianity…read more

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League Tables
A New Right idea to increase the quality of
schools and education by creating
Higher grades achieved, the better the
Publically announced
However, could be argued to actually be a
negative thing as it forces cream-skimming
and silt-shifting by schools…read more

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Open enrolment
Under the open enrolment arrangements,
there is a statutory requirement that all
schools must admit pupils up to an approved
admissions number and within an overall
enrolment number
In simple terms, schools have to accept a
certain number of pupils
Aimed to improve parental choice of where
their child attends
However, this causes trouble to some as
schools set limitations such as catchment areas
to be able to get in to the school and, as
Gerwitz argues, middle class parents have
more economic and cultural ability to exercise…read more

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Local management of schools
Financially ­ it introduced formula funding
(schools get a certain amount of money per
pupil attending) and gave responsibility to the
Board of Governors who it was believed would
work closer to the school
Creates a smaller social circle for the school of
who decides what happens and why. The
Board of Governors, parents and staff are all
included in the financial and practical
This makes the school more responsible for
themselves, rather than the government or
`state' and aims to create a stronger
relationship to parents, pupils, the local
community and employers…read more

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Thank you!
Short one, but thanks for reading
Message me if you want on improvements,
questions etc
GOOD LUCK…read more


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