Sociology Education Names

Sociology Education Sociologist Names and what they have said =))

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Bernstien- Language- Elaborate (Middle class) and Restricted
(Working class) Code
Sugarman- Working Class Subculture- Fatalism, Immediate
gratification, Present time Orientation, Collectivism
Gerwitz- Marketisation of education + Parents categorised ­
Priviliged choosers (Middle class), Semi Skilled choosers,
Disconnected Local choosers (Working class).
Althusser- MC controlling using ­ Ideological (Religion, TV etc)
and Repressive (army, police etc. ) state apparatus
Sharpe- Girls ambitions expectations changed, Before ­ Marriage
,love children ­ Now Education, Jobs, career
Bryne- Teachers tell boys off if they act "girly"
Browne- Coursework advantages girls
Bourdeui- Middle class have cultural economical and educational
capital..Priviliged, could move houses for a better school, affords
educational equipment and has knowledge.
Bowles & Gintis ­ Hidden curriculum, Hierarchy, Correspondence
Becker- Teachers ideal students are Middle class
Lacey- Streaming leads to pupils in bottom sets joining anti
school subcultures
Davis & Moore- Streaming setting students
Keddie- not culturally deprived culturally different!
Mc Robbie- School creates patriarchy + Science does not represent
women, less female science teachers!
Wright- Racism towards Asian pupils. teachers speak slower to


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