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Nazifa Ahmed…read more

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More men are suspected,
charged and convicted of
crime compared to women
Statistics show, in 2001 167
per 10 000 of the male
population were found guilty
or cautioned for an offence
compared to 3.7 per 10 000 or
the female population…read more

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Men are more likely to commit crime due to
differences in opportunities. They have more
freedom compared to women, allowing them to
commit crime.
The Gender socialization process assists men to
committing crime. Males are more likely to be
brought up with the values of being tough and
aggressive whereas females are generally
brought up with the values of being polite and
abiding the law.…read more

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Men may restrain women in their lives
enforce them to be family-centred. This
means the women being controlled are less
likely to commit crime.
The chivalry effect may cause men to
commit crime. This thesis means there is a
common belief that the male dominated
police force and courts are easier on women.…read more

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Peer pressure- peers could influence males
to be aggressive and be involved in gangs.
However peers could influence females to
concentrate on schoolwork.
Media- the media labels males as criminals,
especially afro-Caribbean's and this causes
self-fulfilling prophecy, they turn to crime.…read more

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The number of female offenders
in the UK are increasing, this is
due to:
The social position of women
have changed, legally women
have similar opportunities to
men. An example of this is the
Changes in attitude may mean
women no longer receive less
harsh punishment than men
within the criminal justice system…read more

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