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Sociology & Social Policy
Social policy is...

Social policy is how the actions, plans and programmes of government bodies and agencies that aim
to deal with a social problem or achieve a social goal. E.g. polices are often based on laws that
provide the framework within which these agencies operate.…

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The Purpose Sociology
Giddens believes that sociology has 4 practical benefits in the formation and reformation of social

Advisory function or to assist understanding of social situations
Awareness of cultural differences
Increase in self-knowledge
Evaluation of social policies

The influence of sociology on policy

Sociologists may often decide to…

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Is sociology really that transformative?

The relationship between sociology and social policy is a two way process i.e. existing social policy
and government priorities also influence sociological research & their topics.

Sociological ends up being colonised by governments reducing the very critical and radical nature of
the subject.

If you…

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3. He conducted extensive research on poverty and made suggestions such as fairer, higher benefit
levels, more public spending on health, education and welfare services.
4. Similarly the Black Report on class inequalities produced by sociological research which called for
improved working conditions, free school means for all children, better…

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4. In education feminist research has led to learning materials that promote more positive images
of females, and teacher training schemes that sensitise teachers to the need to avoid gender
5. Many of these policies reflect the liberal view that anti-discrimination reforms will bring gender
6. Radical feminists…


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