Sociologist name list for Family and Households

Our teacher made my class make a list of all the sociologists we've mentioned so far and what they said, to help us learn them for the exam.

This list has sogiologists commenting on:

  • Changing patterns of marriage, divorce ect.
  • Roles and relationships between couples
  • 3 of the theories of family

I'll add more when we've covered them.

I've also put what type of sociologist they are (Feminist, Marxists, ect) under the name of the ones I was told

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Sociologist What they said
Murdock Defined family as "The family is a social group characterised
(Functionalist) by common residence, economic cooperation and
reproduction. It included adults of both sexes, at least two of
whom maintain a socially approved sexual relationship, and
one or more children, own or adopted, of the…

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Elliots Reject Radical feminist claim that all men benefit from violence against
women. Not all men are aggressive and most are opposed to domestic
Wilkinson Sees domestic violence as the result of stress on family members
caused by social inequality.
Oakley (Feminist) Criticise Young and Wilmott, argues their claims…

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Weeks Argues that same sex relationships offer greater possibilities of equality
because the division of labour is open to negotiation and agreement,
and is not based on patriarchal tradition.
Kempson Found that among low income families, women denied their own
needs, seldom going out, and eating smaller portions of food…


Ben Hadley


Very useful, just what I needed.

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