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Sociology perspectives on education.

Functionalist perspective.
Functionalist view education as having positive functions for society. It
helps keep social stability. This is because it helps teach the new
generation social norms and values helping cause value consensus which is
the shared agreements about goals and values of society. Education

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Marxist perspective.
They argue education only shows the interest of the ruling class in the
capitalist society. The society is all about exploitation of the working class.
Education satisfies the need of the ruling class as it provides a labour force
which are obedient and easily exploitable.
Bowles and Gintis.…

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· Marxist perspective is extremely negative
· ignores other forms of inequalities e.g sexism
Feminist perspective.
They more focus on general aspects of education and are not a main
perspective in the education module. Gender language- they use male
pronouns when explaining people or place for example his, him. This…

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· There is not real parental choice
· there is no evidence that no competition decrease standards.
· Closing poorer schools decrease parental choice


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