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Sociolect .
An important influence on the way people use language is
the social group or network to which they belong.
Language users tend to develop different styles of
language to suit a particular group. These styles of
language may stand out in four main ways:
the use of an accent or style of pronunciation which
differs from Standard English or the generally
accepted regional accent
dedicated lexis, whether it be specialist jargon or
current buzzwords or slang
particular non-standard grammatical constructions
the observation of particular linguistic rituals or
patterns of interaction
The distinctive language and grammar of a particular social
group is called its sociolect. Obviously, many people are
able to converse in a number of sociolects.
Choose one of the following groups and note down
distinctive features of its sociolect:
fans of a particular football team
people who would identify with particular dress or
musical fashions
speakers of English as a second language
workers in the medical or legal profession
members of the same church
a clique at work or college
your own family
(Group membership may involve a host of codes and
conventions ­ make sure you note the linguistic ones ! )
Sociolects develop for a variety of reasons; for example:

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­ for instance
it is obviously more efficient if nursing sisters or
doctors use a medical shorthand to give instructions
to junior nurses
to demonstrate fellowship with the rest of the group.
Specific language use can act as a "membership card"
or even an initiation process where certain "rules"
have to be learnt before a person is accepted.…read more

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Paul Dutton

Lots of information in this revision guide, useful to perhaps scan for quick revision. 

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