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Socio-Cultural Explanations of Schizophrenia

One explanation for schizophrenia is the socio-cultural explanation, which include
family based explanations, and social explanations, e.g. problems in living
conditions and the political aspects of diagnosis. Factors such as differential
diagnosis of different social classes, downward drift, life stress.

One part of…

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Humanistic Psychology and was influenced by Carl Rogers in particular. He
believed the patient had become a scapegoat for all the family's tensions and
inadequacies and the development of schizophrenia was a reaction to an
impossible situation where the individual feels unable to be himself/herself. The

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experienced at least one major life event in the preceding 3 weeks. Only 12% had
experienced a stressful life event in the preceding 9 weeks. A healthy control
group did not experience very many stressful life events in the same time period.
This suggests that stressful life…

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afro-Caribbean attitudes and speech or it could be that those of lower class and
those who are discriminated against because of their ethnicity are more stressed.
It can also be stressful to live in conditions where the values of home and the
wider society, conflict. Downward drift…


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