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IQ and Race
Hernstein and Murray…read more

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Hernstein and Murray wrote a book "The Bell
Curve- Intelligence and Class Structure in
America 1994" which argued that:
1) There is a link between intelligence and race.
(40%-80% of Intelligence is genetic).
2) Intelligence is one of the most important factors
contributing to the economy in America.
3) Intelligence isn't affected by environment.
4) Black-American's are of lower level intelligence
than White-Americans.
5) The USA is in denial of these facts.…read more

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Socially Significant because:
· This could lead to Black-Americans to expect less
of themselves and experience prejudice from
· For example, employers may not employ Black-
Americans as they believe they are less capable.
· This could have a ripple effect with riots and
violence as a result of prejudice and
· Black-Americans could also be perceived as lazy
because of their high unemployment levels.…read more

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This research is also reminiscent of claims made
by the Nazis concerning Jews being of inferior
intelligence which resulted in their persecution
during the Holocaust.…read more

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The effects of this research are still being
felt after a lecturer at Leeds University in
2006 said that this research was true. He
also said that women are not of the same
intellectual capacity as men.…read more


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