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Ashleigh Pritchard and Sophie Bagley
Norms and values
Social skills
Communication skills
Absence of carer
Emotional stability
Primary and secondary
Feeling of well being
1. Ali was a happy contented baby, but recently became withdrawn and is less
interested in playing with toys. Explain why he's behaviour may have changed?
2. Discuss the possible effects of secondary socialisation on Omar during his primary
school life.
3. Cathy is part of an extended family. Discuss the importance of family, positive social
2. The effects of Omar's secondary socialisation in his primary school life are that he may
make new relationships, by meeting new people who will become his friends. A negative
effect may be that he may experience conflict between friends as he may come across
dissimilarities between him and his friends. In primary socialisation he will learn norms and
values from his family members, but as he is now in his secondary socialisation, he will
learn them from teachers and friends within school. This could cause him to behave
differently from what he behaves at home as he is following what people at school do.
Omar will learn to socialise with other people better, by communicating to teachers and
friends around him. Omar's emotional stability will also improve as if he has built a close
relationship with his friends, he can express his feelings with them and experiences, in
which other people may be able to relate to, therefore helping him, solve things that
could be occurring in his home environment. For example if there is an absence of carer
he will be able to talk to friends who may have experienced the same thing as Omar has.


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