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Social Surveys

What is a social survey?
Survey data The national Readership Survey tells us that in 2000, The Sun was the most popular daily
newspaper in Britain ­ read by 20% of adults. The international Passenger Survey tells us that Spain
was the most popular overseas holiday destination in…

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(1957) in their first study of Bethnal Green. They selected every 10th name from the borough's electoral
Neither random nor systematic samples necessarily produce representative samples. Few sampling
frames cover everybody in the research population. Eg on electoral registers certain groups are
unrepresented (those not old enough to vote)…

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Responding to surveys
Response rates its one thing creating a representative sample, its quite another getting everybody in
the sample to participate in the survey. The response rate ­ the percentage of the sample that
participates ­ varies widely. Eg, Shere Hite's The Hite Report on the Family (1994) based…


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