Social reforms under Wilson from 1966

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Social reforms under Wilson from 1966
Became known as `the civilised society'
Largely laid down by Jenkins, Home secretary between 1965-67
His successor Callaghan followed the programme that Jenkins had begun
Era of progressive thinking and attitudes which reform because more acceptable
The Abortion Act `67
In the 50s as many as 100 000 illegal abortions took place very year= huge medical risks
Permitted the termination of pregnancy if there was serious risk to the mental physical
wellbeing of the mother/ if there was a good chance that the baby would be born with
serious abnormalities
Hailed by feminists vs. others who sanctioned it as murder
Attempted to limit the amount of unwanted pregnancies with the Family planning act `67=
contraception for single women
The sexual offences Act `67
Permitted male homosexual acts in private between consulting adults
Some acknowledged that the spy, Vassal would probably not have betrayed his country had
it not been possible for the Russians to black male him due to his homosexuality
The office of ombudsman created `67
Ordinary citizens could appeal to if they felt that they had suffered at the hands of a
government department
Commonwealth immigration act `68
Prohibited new immigrants from settling in Britain unless they already had established family
The theatre act `68
Ended the censorship of theatre
Abolition of the death penalty `69
Made ending the death penalty a permanent measure
The Open University `69
Created to allow anyone study even those with no qualifications
Learning was done via TV and radio broad casts
Divorce reform Act `69
Greater freedom to divorce if both members of a couple agreed to it
It ended years of abuse, suffering and unhappiness

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Race relations act '66-`68
Prohibited racial discrimination in public, employment and in housing
Made incitement to racial hatred an offence
Set up a race relations board with the power to investigate claims of racial discrimination
Promoted inter racial understanding through the community relations commission
Was a result of Powell's speech saying that the river was foaming with too much blood
stating that immigration was getting too much= dismissed from the shadow cabinet and
roundly condemned, except in a few working class white areas
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