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ASCH 1951…read more

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When an individual or a group changes the
way that they think or behave, in order to
fit in with the majority of other group
members…read more

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· Aim: In Asch's studies he studied conformity in groups
of six to nine people.
· Procedure: Asch told the participants that he was testing
visual perception and showed the group lines of
different lengths. Each person in turn had to say
whether line A, B or C was the same length as the test
line. The `real' participant was one of the last to give
their judgement.
· Findings: It was found that 25% of participants
conformed to the rest of the group on most of the
occasions when the group was wrong, and overall 75% of
participants conformed to the wrong answer at least
once. When participants were interviewed afterwards
most said they knew they were giving the wrong answer…read more

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Strengths Limitations
· Real life application · Lacks validity and
in situations where mundane realism
people have to · Difficult to
determine whether
make decisions participants are
· Established a complying or
procedure that has · Is the study a child of
been adopted by it's time- would we
other psychologist be likely to conform
in today's society
to measure
· 25% did not comply
conformity once!…read more


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