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Social psychology Practical Write Up
Aim and hypothesis
The aim for the practical was to look at the attitudes in an in group and out-groups.

The Hypothesis is to see whether. Girls hang around with girls and same for boys at lunch
and breaks.

Alternative hypothesis

Girls are more likely…

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activities that take place around the college might involve co-operative activities, so a
member of staff might help with the activities so the group might have a positive attitudes
towards each other.

The results that Sherif Et Al found was that in the first stage the boys have given name…

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In the practical that we carried we used Qualitative and Quantitative data. We used both
opened and closed questions.

Qualitative data:
Qualitative data is the type of data that describes the meaning and experiences.

It gives detailed information on the focused area that the researcher is looking for.

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There is no bias of the way the participants are chosen. Therefore the sample is
theoretically is representative.
The sample can be easily explained and understood.

It can be difficult to obtain everyone's name in the target population.
The sample that is randomly chosen it may be not…

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Is picking whoever is available to take part in the study. Researcher use whoever is available
to take part in the study.

It is ethical, the researcher can be able to judge if the experiment will upset the
participants or they can also work out if they were busy…

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Ethical consideration

The experiment is been supported by other studies such as Sherif et al (1961), Tajfel
et al (1971).
The experiment is reliable it can be repeated and get the same results.
The experiment is easy to carry out.
It has a high experimental validity they believed the…


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