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Bonnie Brooks

Social Psychology

Conformity ­ occurs when people adopt the behaviour, attitudes or beliefs of the majority after being exposed to
their values or behaviours.

Types of conformity

Compliance ­ person does not necessarily agree with them. Effect of conformity does not stay when group
pressure is taken away.…

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Bonnie Brooks

McCarthyism ­ findings may be reflective of conservative society. Another study in 1970s used science
and engineering students and found only 1/396 conforming responses.
Unethical ­ participants were deceived (told study was about line perception), participants were not
protected from harm (may have experienced stress).

Obedience ­ behaving…

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Bonnie Brooks

All participants experienced same agentic shift, not all obeyed

Milgram's shock study (AO1)

Used 40 American males
Study carried out at Yale University
Participants told investigating how punishment affected memory
Told to administer increasing shocks, when wrong answer was given.
Shocks started at 15v
Rose in 15v increments…

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Bonnie Brooks

o 3 people majority = 32% (optimum)

Resisting obedience

Reduction in authority
o Seedy office = 48%
o No white coat = 20%
Proximity of authority
o Experimenter different room = 20%
Reduction in allies
o Participant given support by 2 allies = 10%

Locus of control


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Bonnie Brooks

o E.g. Spiderman stunt affect traffic for days in East London


o High divorce rates and broken relationship
o Large scale problem

Snowball effect

o Views are growing
o Changes starting to happen such as increase in paternity leave



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