Social Psychology *Whole Topic*

Hi, this is one of the three topics covered in Unit 2: Social Psychology. I achieved a strong A in this exam using these notes.

It is very detailed so if you are the type of person who likes to keep it brief be aware this is quite detailed :) 

Memorise the notes and the exam is not a hard one at all :) 

Please excuse any random pictures, it made it SLIGHTLY less boring :) 

I also have similar notes on Abnormality here:

And Stress here:

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AS Psychology…read more

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What Is Conformity?
· Conformity is a type of social influence
involving a change in belief or behaviour in
order to fit in with a group.
· This change is due to response to real or
imagined group pressure.…read more

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Types Of Conformity
· There are two different types of
conformity. These depend on
whether the person changes their
view only in public or in public and
private.…read more

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Types Of Conformity
· Compliance: This is the most superficial
type of conformity. The person
conforms publically to the views and
behaviour expressed, but in private still
continue to disagree.
· Internalisation: This is the deepest form
of conformity as views are taken on
permanently. The person conforms
publically and in private.…read more

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Explanations Of Conformity
· Normative Social Influence: The desire to be
liked. We conform in order to fit in and be
liked, we do not want to appear foolish or be
left out. E.G. smoking to fit in with the rest of
the group.
· Informational Social Influence: The desire to
be right. We conform as we are not sure what
to do/say/ behave and so we look to others
who have more information than us for
answers.…read more

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Sherif Study
· Aimed to demonstrate that people conform to group
norms when placed in an ambiguous (unclear) situation
· Used a lab study to study conformity. Used the autokinetic
effect, where a small spot of light is projected onto a
screen in a dark room that appears to move, even though
it is still. (visual illusion)
· He asked participants to individually judge how far the
light appeared to move in a number of trials.
· They then later worked in groups of three and each
person in the group had to say out loud how far they
thought the light had moved…read more

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