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Social psychological approaches to explaining aggression- deindividuation


Le bon suggested individuals are more likely to be aggressive when they are part
of a large group. He said that aggressive behaviour is contagious and therefore
individuals have no choice over whether they become aggressive or not.

Zimbardo then suggested…

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This shows that anonymity is encouraged by wearing masks, hoods and leads to
increased aggression.

Low population validity- only females used so we can't generalise to males


Content analysis of 21 newspaper articles about potential suicides threatening to
jump off a tall building and found that in 10…

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Shows that whilst deindividuation may occur in real life, the theory may be gender
biased. This supports the idea that anonymity and strong group feelings lead to
deindividuation, although it undermines the theory by suggesting it is gender


Studied 23 societies of primitive communities, 13 of whom…


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