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coalition government social policies affecting the family

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Family Policies: The Elderly from the coalition
`Bed blocking on the rise as care cuts bite' ­ January, 2011
Elderly patients forced to stay in hospital beds rather than be discharged when they are
better, because spending cuts means there is a decline in home help and community care
due to cuts to local council budgets - so nowhere else to put them.
State Pension Age increases to 66
The Coalition has said the state pension age will rise from 65 to 66 in 2020, six years earlier
than Labour had set out. This means elderly people will have to work longer and wait longer
before they can claim their state pension and other benefits such as Pension credit and
Winter Fuel Payment. Women are significantly more likely to retire in poverty than men due
to the lower incomes they earn over their lifetime. This will force even greater hardship on
people who are reliant on the state pension, those from poorer backgrounds who have
lower life expectancy and those who are too ill or disabled to work.
Grandparents/ Other family members get NI contributions credits ­ 6th April, 2011
If they look after grandchildren or other family members under the age of 12
`Elderly face a bleak 2011 as older people are badly hit by cuts' ­ March, 2011
The Charity AGE UK that the cuts in NHS spending means the elderly will be hit the
hardest as they are the heaviest users of public services, leaving the country less prepared
for an ageing population (nearly 1.4 million people in the UK are aged 85+). There has been a
massive reduction in the amount of care they receive such as transport help e.g.
government is reducing overcall council funding so locals, looking to reduce their costs, are
planning to cut free bus passes for 60+ as such benefits are not protected by law
Grandparents to be included in contact agreements following a divorce' ­ March, 2011
Family justice will now be changed to include faster settlements to minimise stress for
children and improved access for grandparents. Parenting agreements, which co ordinate
care arrangements for children after divorce will now prioritise grandparents who are
usually denied access. The Family Justice Review panel said :'We are approaching this from
the best interests of the children and where the child spends their most time, not from the
rights of adults'
£155 State Pension ­ April, 2011
Ministers next week will propose a radical reform to the state pension system which will
provide a guaranteed level of support greater than the amount people currently get
through the basic state pension (£97.65) to come into effect in 2015- 16. Women, who often
do not receive a full state pension as a result of taking time out of work to look after
children will be the biggest winners as a result of the flat rate payment.

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Family Policies: Children
`Child Trust Fund cut' ­ 5 April, 2011
Government contributions for a new child will now stop from January 2011 ­ already
reduced to £50 in August 2010
The threshold at which you are eligible for this reduced from £16,190 - £15, 860
Child Benefit
A tax free benefit paid to most people with children.…read more

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Family Policies: Couples
Nick Clegg promises `properly flexible' system of parental leave ­ January, 2011
Clegg promises a flexible system of shared parental leave in Britain by 2015 as he condemned
Britain's Edwardian system that places the burden of childcare on mothers and discourages
fathers from taking a central role in raising children which children suffer from.…read more

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Support Agency, hence almost rewarding marriage. This charge, along with tax credit and
housing benefit cuts could force women to stay in an unhappy relationship for family
reasons as a roof is kept over their children's heads.
How David Cameron could 'recognise' marriage for £600m- March, 2011
David Cameron is committed to recognising marriage in the tax system by allowing
transferable tax allowances for married couples. Everyone is allowed to earn £6,475 a year
without paying tax. This is called a personal allowance.…read more

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Indirect family policies
Changes to Local Housing Allowance (LHA- housing benefit for renting) ­ April, 2011
The government has now introduced limits on payments so that LHA does not exceed £250
p.w for a one bed room property and up to £400 p.w. for a 4 bedroom property. Calculations
of how much people are entitled to is based on where you live and how much rents are in
your area.…read more


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