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Family Policies: The Elderly from the coalition
`Bed blocking on the rise as care cuts bite' ­ January, 2011
Elderly patients forced to stay in hospital beds rather than be discharged when they are
better, because spending cuts means there is a decline in home help and community care…

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Family Policies: Children
`Child Trust Fund cut' ­ 5 April, 2011
Government contributions for a new child will now stop from January 2011 ­ already
reduced to £50 in August 2010
The threshold at which you are eligible for this reduced from £16,190 - £15, 860
Child Benefit

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Family Policies: Couples
Nick Clegg promises `properly flexible' system of parental leave ­ January, 2011
Clegg promises a flexible system of shared parental leave in Britain by 2015 as he condemned
Britain's Edwardian system that places the burden of childcare on mothers and discourages
fathers from taking a central role…

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hardest whereby the government is planning to charge separating couples to use the Child
Support Agency, hence almost rewarding marriage. This charge, along with tax credit and
housing benefit cuts could force women to stay in an unhappy relationship for family
reasons as a roof is kept over their children's…

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Indirect family policies
Changes to Local Housing Allowance (LHA- housing benefit for renting) ­ April, 2011
The government has now introduced limits on payments so that LHA does not exceed £250
p.w for a one bed room property and up to £400 p.w. for a 4 bedroom property. Calculations


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