Social Learning Theory in Aggression - Example Essay

Before my exams, I tried to practice writing every single possible essay which could come up, and then reduce the word count to between 600-700 words so I knew I could fit it all in during the exam. Social theories of aggression is the topic that came up in my exam and I chose to talk about social learning theory. So my essay will have been very similar to this, using the same structure and points.

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Bandura and Walters' `Social Learning Theory' suggests that we learn behaviour through observation.
Children learn aggressive responses through watching role models with whom they identify and
imitating their behaviour. They also learn about the consequences of this behaviour through vicarious
reinforcement, as they observe others being rewarded or punished as…

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learning as the performance of the behaviour depends on whether positive reinforcement is
expected after aggression's performance.

Aggression's production is determined by direct experience as if a child has been rewarded for
aggressive behaviour previously, they are more likely to repeat it in a similar situation. Their
self-efficacy expectancies (confidence…


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