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SOCIAL LEARNING: superior to trialanderror learning
as it is much faster and less costly because mistakes
aren't made and it enables cultural
Imitation: involves learning a complex set of
behaviour not just following the crowd which is `social
Kawai observed Japanese snow monkeys. Sweet
potatoes were left on…

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Foraging: Some examples of foraging behaviour are
obviously innate, but many of them are learned either
as a consequence of conditioning or social learning.
Social learning may have influenced the foraging
behaviour in Kawai's Japanese snow monkeys and in
Great tits and blue tits were first observed removing the…

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are heavier to carry they have benefits such as easier to
break shell and the obvious larger food. Zach
interpreted this behaviour as being learned and
possibly socially learned through imitation. Foragers
with well developed learning strategies will have an

Hunting in groups: Caro documented how mother cats


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