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Social influences
CONFORMITY a change in behaviour or belief due to real or imagined group pressure

AIM: examine the extent to which pressure from others people could affect ones

PROCEDURE Showed bars to 123 American college students groups of 810

Told them he…

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Informational social influencemotivated by the desire to be correct and therefore relies
on the knowledge of others e.g. participants genuinely doubted their own judgement
therefore went along with the confederates answers as they thought they were correct

Normative social influence motivated by the desire to be liked and to fit…

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Most will follow authority because of socialisation from a young age we are
taught to do as we are told and agentic state people abdicated responsibility by
blaming others `I was just following orders'

CRITICISIMS arguably unbelievable study as the experimenter would not be
able to allow the shock as…

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Asch identified 2 factors that reduce conformity conformity dropped from 37% to 5%
when one of the confederates gave the correct answer social pressure was easier to
resist if the participant was not left completely isolated

It is easier to avoid confirming when the people against you are a small…

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