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Social Inequality and Difference Emma Rudd

1B Workplace Inequalities

The workplace is highly unequal, it the main source of unequal financial rewards. Your position in
the labour market has a direct effect on your lifetime earnings, your living standards and your
ability to build up a pension, savings and investments.…

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Social Inequality and Difference Emma Rudd

the board room. One of the alleged advantages of Fordism was the `economies of mass
production': if goods are manufactured on a mass scale, the costs of producing tend to drop. So
the Fordist model was quickly adopted by other industries and countries.

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Social Inequality and Difference Emma Rudd

term welfare of the company and its workers. So they put pressure on companies to stay `lean'
and sack `surplus' staff.

Compared with 30 years ago, the average employee is only slightly more likely to become
unemployed. About a fifth of the workforce has…

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Social Inequality and Difference Emma Rudd

This is yet another nonstandard form of work. In 2002 about 3million people were selfemployed
in Britain, almost double the figure for the 1970's. Selfemployment became more widespread in
the 1980's and 1990's, partly as a response to the high unemployment at the time.…

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Social Inequality and Difference Emma Rudd

example a firm may decide its British workers are too expensive and so it may scale down its
operations in Britain and move production abroad. The fear that a firm may do this creates job
insecurity among employees and ensures that they moderate their…





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