Social Impact of the Nazi State

Women and the nazis

Youth and the Nazis

Economic changes within Germany

Persecution of Jews including the Final solution

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Social Impact of the Nazi State
Nazi Policies towards Women and the Young:

During the Weimar government:

During the Weimar Republic, women had experienced much freedom, gaining in power in work and
politics. Somewhat liberation for women in the 1920s as women wore make ­up and dressed
according to…

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To help encourage women to have lots of children, the Nazi introduced the `Honour Cross
of the German Mother'.
8 children = Gold
6 children = Silver
4 children = Bronze

The `ideal' Nazi Mother

Did not go to work ­ women were banned from working in civil service jobs…

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Hitler Youth:

Hitler Youth membership became compulsory for all over 17s in 1939. But By 1939,
82% of boys and girls aged 1018 were members of Hitler Youth groups.
Youth groups insured that the Nazi message was being put across to children 24/7.
Children were genuinely attracted to the youth…

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Hitler rearmed the German army which was in secret at first but in 1935 conscription was
re introduced. In 1936 Goering's 4 year plan was to prepare the country for war.
Industrial production increased to help war effort to make Germany self sufficient and not
reliant on foreign goods

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1936 Jews were no longer allowed to run shops or businesses. The first ghetto was opened for
Jews in German occupied Poland

1937September: Hitler for the first time made an outspoken attack on Jews and more shops were

1938 In April, Hitler passes new laws where Jews had to…


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