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By Arinola Akande…read more

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Infancy 0-2 years
Attachment -emotional links with parents and care
givers. Feelings of love, trust and security.
1. Indiscriminate; up to 6 months, anyone can hold the
baby but baby may protest when they are being put
2. Specific; between 7-12 months, bond with parents,
shows fear with strangers.
3. Multiple 12 months+, attachment widens to people they
see regularly e.g. close relatives
Bonding-response of carer to infant…read more

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Childhood 2-8 years
Social skills
Relationships building skills;
1. Existing relationships become stronger
2. Relationships with people who are not within family e.g.
friends at school and teachers
3. Language used to manage relationships
Awareness of gender role
Gender constancy; age of 5 or 6 children begin to
understand their sex is fixed…read more

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Adolescence 9-18 years…read more

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Adulthood 19-65
Early adulthood:
Leaving home
Finding a partner
Becoming a parent
Start work
Middle and late:
Become a parent
Work becomes less demanding
Children leave home
Poor relationships end…read more

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Old Age 65+
Addition of social role; grandparent
Change of social role; widower, no longer
daughter/son as parents have died
Friends may pass on but its hard to replace
them…read more


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