Social Change - Unit 2 (AQA)

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Social Change ­ Minority Influence
Behavioural Styles of Influential Minorities (Moscovici):
(Need these to exert social influence on majorities)
Consistency ­ Consistent in their opposition to the majority
Not Dogmatic ­ Cant reiterate same arguments ­ Demonstrate flexibility
Behavioural Styles ­ Be more influential (Hogg and Vaughan):
Acting from principle ­ Not self interest
Made sacrifices to maintain position
Similar to majority ­ Class, Age, Gender
Advocate views consistent with current social trends
Minority Influence lies in ability to stimulate thoughts ­ over a period of
time ­ people convert ­ news ways of thinking
Why People Yield to Minority?
Intra-Individual ­ Person maintain consistent position over time
Inter- Individual ­ There is agreement among members of minority group
Snowball Effect:
Few members of majority move towards minority position = influence of
minority gathers momentum
More people gradually pay attention to `potential' correctness of
minority view
Social Crypto Amnesia - Dissociation Model (Mugny and Perez 1991)(Perez et
al. 1995):
Minority groups influence majority groups through process called social
crypto amnesia

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Social Crypto Amnesia = Minority Ideas assimilated into majority
viewpoint ­ Without those in majority remembering where ideas came
from (Content and source become dissociated)
Social Change Examples:
Imprisonable offence in UK until 1967
Public attitudes ­ changed over time
Most people regard being gay as normal variation of human behaviour
New laws created ­ Protect rights of gay people ­ 2005 same sex civil
Green Peace:
Started 1970s ­ Canada ­ Regarded as a bunch of cranks attracting ridicule
and legal action…read more


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