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Global social and economic groupings
. and fire In this section you will/earn: We live in an increasingly globalised world where information, trade,
capital and people can move more and more easily across frontiers.
the importance of groupings However, at the same time that globalisation…

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At its heart are the WTO agreements, negotiated and signed by the
bulk of the world's trading nations. These documents provide the legal
ground-rules for international commerce. They are essentially contracts,
binding governments to keep their trade policies within…

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A key feature of our work this year will be the need to build bridges. So "

many of the issues facing us - on development and poverty reduction,
com municable diseases, peace building, human rights, the environment,
organized crime,…

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Infrastructure: The EU is working to improve cross-border
infrastructure, for example through the Trans-Europea n Networks (TEN) .
TEN projects include the Channel Tunnel, and it is estimated that by
2010 the network will cover 75,200 Ian of roads i 78,000 Ian of railways
and many airports and harbours .…




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