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Oedipus the King Contemporary Events Antigone Contemporary Events Medea Contemporary Events Hippolytus Contemporary
Private vs Private: Oedipus is As a Greek man, he Antigone's private In Greece, there was a Jason's private duty This is related to the Hippolytus' private A man must
public duty concerned about his should…

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corruption of thought was the right follow her love for
children's feelings
democratic society. thing to do. Jason. about the scenario.
State vs Oikos Oedipus' state is under As a leader, a man Antigone's rebellion A man that becomes First of all, Medea
It was a well known Theseus' state…

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Use and abuse Oedipis abuses his A man that wrongfully Creon abuses his A hubristic man is one Medea abuses her A woman's only Theseus abuses his A man that is
of power power by threatening abuses his power of power by abusing who thinks that he is power as…

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