Social Issues in All Greek Tragedy Plays

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Oedipus the King Contemporary Events Antigone Contemporary Events Medea Contemporary Events Hippolytus Contemporary
Private vs Private: Oedipus is As a Greek man, he Antigone's private In Greece, there was a Jason's private duty This is related to the Hippolytus' private A man must
public duty concerned about his should act as the head duty as a woman is to conflict between the is to look after and laws of marriage duty is to look after performs duty's
family and as head of of the Polis to make bury her dead private duty of burying provide for the because a Greek the household and when he has come
the family, he needs to sure that his family is brother, but because a dead body over the children and Medea. Athenian man must maintain his wife of age such as
resolve the problems stable from the of Creon's public public duty of not But his public duty be married to an and children. But he getting married,
in the family to problems surrounding decree, he states that burying a traitor. The overrules this Athenian woman as does not achieve become a politician
maintain its stability his parentage and her public duty is to audience would come because he is legally his public duty. But his this duty because or be a member of
Public: He needs to maintain stability in obey his command to terms with this not married and has private duty's to look he is not married. the military service
look after the Thebans Thebes from the conflict whilst a public duty as a after the children and Phaedra's duty is to A woman's duty is
from the plague as a plague, otherwise, the watching the play. man to be married provide for the be pure to her to be devoted to
leader to maintain the place would be chaotic and procreate household and wife. husband but she her husband and
stability legally. has failed in this not to commit
task. adultery.
Religion vs Jocasta strongly The man in an Antigone decides that An Athenian man is As Medea is part The concept of Hippolytus is Under Greek
politics believes that her son is Athenian marriage it is her choice to act head of the political divine, she needs to marriage was both dedicated to acting customs, men
dead because of the would always take care in her religious right game. He needs to restore her order by politically satisfying religiously by being needed to provide
act that her husband of political decisions. It to bury her brother. make sure that there is punishing Jason. because the man and devoted to Artemis new alliances
Laius done by is the woman's role to Creon acts politically stability in society. He Creon acting like a in some extent the rather than acting through marriage in
removing him from the accept the decision, no to make sure that also needs to act politician needs to women were gaining politically by getting order to bring
family. matter what. there is no anarchy in religiously by making send Medea to exile status; and religious married to provide stability in
Jocasta and Oedipus' An Athenian marriage oligarchic society that some decisions that in order to protect because it was alliances for his democratic society
politics and ruined determined how would ruin the acknowledge the gods, himself and his conducted under the kingdom, although as well as
because of their strong the political balance of which Creon does kingdom. religious order of the he does have some acknowledging the
incestuous marriage families were and to not achieve and leads Jason disregards his gods. knowledge about gods. There needed
increase their status to his doom. marriage to Medea the corruption of to be balance in
and marries Glauce bloodlines. order to achieve
for political gain that stability,
otherwise there
would be chaos.
Nomos vs dike Under law of Apollo, Under Greek law, Laius Creon is head of the Under Greek law, a Jason acted by the Under Greek law, a Under Theseus' law; Under Greek law, a
the polluted man must has received the justice state and under his traitor must not be law by marrying a man must not be he must banish his man that has
leave Thebes. As he deserved because law; anybody who is buried. But under Greek woman and married to a son for the committed rap or
Oedipus is the he committed the caught burying the another Greek law, a leaving Medea and nonGreek woman apparent rape of his caught in the act
pollution, he must exile serious crime of rape body of Polynices random body must be the children, because he would risk wife. But this is not would be either be
himself from Thebes. against a young man. must be punished. buried with the correct meaning that he is public shame and his just for Hippolytus given a fine or be
Laius has received his Under Greek law, a But Antigone thinks burial rituals and legitimately married property would be because everybody killed. Hippolytus
justice because man must be exiled that this is not justice practices. This scenario under the correct confiscated. It is also on stage (apart understands this
Oedipus has fulfilled when he has done for Polynices because between Antigone and laws and customs. Greek law that a man from Theseus) and law and therefore,
his fate; but should he wrong deeds for the that means the gods Creon is mimicking the But it is not just for could make a the audience knows he is being unjustly
suffer the polis ­ this was what are not being debate that might have Medea and the marriage invalid at that Hippolytus is punished by his
consequences? the Athenian did when acknowledged. Both been going on in the children because she any time. In a sense, innocent and does father.
their politicians characters want to assembly concerning sacrificed her home, Jason saved his own not deserve his
became too powerful bring stability back to these contrasting laws family and her skin but consider death that is about
and to stop the Thebes after the civil and what people security in order to Medea and the to happen.

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Jason. about the scenario.
State vs Oikos Oedipus' state is under As a leader, a man Antigone's rebellion A man that becomes First of all, Medea
It was a well known Theseus' state is Under Greek law, a
turmoil because he should take care of the has led to the state too tyrannical would brings down the concept that a ruined because his man that has lost
needs to deal with the situation so that his being turned to lose his polis and state.…read more

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Use and abuse Oedipis abuses his A man that wrongfully Creon abuses his A hubristic man is one Medea abuses her A woman's only Theseus abuses his A man that is
of power power by threatening abuses his power of power by abusing who thinks that he is power as a mother power in society is to power as a demigod accused of a crime
the servant with death authority is becoming a Tiresias verbally and better and more by killing the children look after…read more

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