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o Most basic form where a person publically changes but privately maintains their beliefs and attitudes in
order to fit into a group.
o Temporary change to both private and public beliefs and attitudes to fit into a group you value.
o A permanent change to both public and private beliefs and attitudes, this is not group dependent unlike
the others.
Dual Process Model
o The desire to be liked by a group is classed as normative social influence and is usually compliance.
o The desire to be right is classed as informative social influence and is usually either identification or
o 123 American male students in groups of 7 with 6 being confederates. Asked to match
a line length to a test line. 32% conformed in critical trials, 75% conformed at least
o EV ­ generalise? Volunteer sample issues, ethics and social desirability bias.
Variations of Asch
o Minority influence was increased through the use of a unanimous majority, a difficult
task and when the pps were deserted by a partner.
o Minority influence was decreased through the use of a non-unanimous majority, a majority of only 2 (3
was needed) and when responses were given privately (eg. Writing them down)
o 172 pps tested in 6 person groups. Were asked to identify the colour of a slide when the brightness was
changed ­ all the slides were blue. Condition one with a consistent minority said all slides were green.
Condition two with an inconsistent minority said 24 were green and 12 were blue. Condition one yielded
32% of the time, condition 2 yielded 1.3% of the time
o EV ­ lab study issues, lacks mundane realism, low population validity as all females, generalizable an
ethics (deception).
More likely to conform when...
o Embarrassed ­ links to normative SI

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Have a lack of knowledge ­ links to informative SI
o Part of a large group
o If the task presented is difficult
o Teacher was a participant; learner was a confederate. Told it was a study into memory. At 300v 5pps
withdrew, 26 out of 40 went up to 450v which was labelled XXX.
o EV ­ repeated 100s of times with small variations such as buffers etc, ethics (withdrawal, protection,
deception), very low mundane realism and high ecological validity.…read more


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