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Outline and assess Feminist explanations of gender/social inequality [40]
Radical Feminism (patriarchy)
Radical feminists argue that society is patriarchal and because of this, women are
exploited and oppressed
Men display their power through female inequality in the home through domestic and
sexual violence

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Her main point is that gender roles are not as fixed as writers such as Parsons and
Bowlby, instead the role of a mother/housewife is a social construct
The social construction of these male and female roles comes from three main ideas:
Manipulation ­ for example dressing girls in dresses…

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Abbott et al ­ as a black feminist, she claims feminism addresses issues concerning
women in general, but it actually concentrates on women's experience from white
perspectives and priorities

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Outline and assess Feminist explanations of age inequality [40]
Believes comparisons can be made between women and age in terms of inequality

Both are members of minority groups, however women have fought for more change

Oakley believes there are ways which made children more disadvantaged;

Adults speak for children,…

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Dunscome and Marden found that women tend to be stuck performing the triple shift of
domestic work, paid work and emotional work

Katz and Lyng
Youths tend to have different attitudes towards risk taking, in particular relating to

Katz and Lyng refer to this as 'edgework' in which young…

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Believes economic factors, and ultimately capitalism, cause women's subservience to
men, and only economic changes could lead to their liberation

Men have greater power than women as it is men who own the means of production
and who tend to earn the wage outside of the home; they tend…

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She found that the women had low social, economic and cultural capital, and this was
made worse by the fact that they were female and working class

Skeggs concluded that they lacked positive working class identities

This is supported by the fact that men tend to have a stronger working…

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Benston ­ Marxist feminist
Believes capitalism benefits from a reserve labour force of women 'to keep wages down
and profits up'
Because women have been socialised to comply and submit, they form a docile labour
force which can be easily manipulated and exploited, and easily fired when not required


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